3D Short Film 2021

My third year project from univeristy. Responsible for compositing, render, lighting, scene layout. Collaborated on camera layout with Katie Prentice. The film was inspired by the baby mantis form of an orchid mantis and is often referred to as "kung fu mantis". We wanted to show off a cocky and annoying mantis trying to challenge a master who does not see him as equal. 

VFX Short Film 2020

i'm getting an
update stay tuned!

My second year project  I worked on with my team. I did plate prep, tracking, roto, CG integration, background cleanup and replacement, lighting and rendering. The project was inspired by Aztec mythology with the xolo dog who leads people into the afterlife.

Charma - yo mama
2d animation 2019

Clients wanted comissioned art to have animations throughout their song to give their Youtube release of the song a bit more life. I used mainly After Effects, though I used Photoshop to break up the characters into "pieces" to make a 2D rig in After Effects.